12 & Under

Skill Development: Advanced throwing, batting, baserunning, catching pop-flies, intermediate skill development for players interested in catching and pitching – continued development of situational awareness such as knowing your pitch count, knowing your defensive outs, how to tag up while baserunning, where to throw the ball when on defense depending on outs and runners, etc.

Expectations: This division will run the full length of the Softball season. Each team is expected to play a minimum 10 games. Home and away games are about a 50/50 split, may need to travel more, travel to away games within approximately 20 – 30 minutes of Garner.

Game Play Rules:

  • Field of Play: Pitching Rubber 40’, Bases 60’, Pitcher’s Circle 8’ Radius, Batter’s Box 7’ x 3’, Minimum Outfield Fence 200’
  • Pitching: 12” Ball will be pitched to player from an opposing team player.
  • Fielding: Teams can field 9 defensive players.
  • Batting: Standard softball rules. 3 strikes, 4 balls. Dropped 3rd Strike.
  • Innings: Innings change after 3 outs or 7 runs. Infield fly IS IN PLAY.

Uniform and Equipment: 
League Provided: Jersey and socks.

**Metal Cleats are not allowed**

Age Qualification: Any player whose twelvth (12) birthday falls on or after January 1 of current year is eligible to compete in 12 & under play. A player must have a minimum league age of eight (8) years of age.