3/4 yr old CO-ED Clinic Program

Skill Focus: Basic throwing, fielding, batting and baserunning. Basic game play for baseball or softball.  Skills are taught through basic and fun age-appropriate drills.

Expectations: This division is a clinic style environment with typically one practice a week. Sessions incorporate age-appropriate activities for 3 and 4 year olds designed to keep them moving and active. Most regular sessions are held on Saturday mornings. If makeup sessions are needed due to the weather, those may be scheduled based on field and staff availability. Parent involvement with their child to help them at skill stations is required. 

Clinic Format: Stations are setup to focus on various skills. 

Clinic Time: 60 minutes

Uniform and Equipment:
League Provided: Jersey and hat.
Required: Glove.
Recommended: Baseball/Softball pants, belt, cleats, helmet, bat, suggested but not required. Garner Sports League provides team helmets and bats that may be used during clinic sessions.

Age Qualification: Any player whose third (3) birthday falls on or after January 1 of the current year is eligible to participate in 3/4 Clinic sessions. A player must have a minimum league age of three (3) years of age