5/6 Tee Ball Co-Ed

Skill Focus: Intermediate throwing, batting, baserunning – introducing additional basic game play rules for tagging runners, catching pop-flies and throwing outs.

Expectations: This division will run the full length of the Baseball / Softball season. Each team is expected to play a minimum 10 games.

Game Play Rules: Each team bats twice – all the way through. Batters hit off of Tee (or soft toss later in the season, if skills of player allows). Game time: 1hr

Uniform and Equipment:

For baseball: Jersey and hat are provided by Garner Sports League; 
For softball: Jerseys and socks are provided by Garner Sports League. 
Required: Glove.
Recommended: Baseball/Softball pants, belt, cleats, helmet, bat, suggested but not required. Garner Sports League provides team catcher’s gear, helmets and bats that may be used during practices and/or games.

**Metal Cleats are not allowed**

Age Qualification: Any player whose fifth (5) birthday falls on or after January 1 of current year is eligible to compete in 5/6 Tee Ball program. A player must have a minimum league age of five (5) years of age.

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