8 & Under Coach Pitch

8U Coach Pitch is a co-ed instructional league where coaches pitch to the batters  to get them introduced to hitting a pitched ball.  For 8U Coach Pitch, it is often viewed as a baseball division.  The skills the players are learning are the same and are applicable to fast-pitch softball for those girls who look to graduate up to the player pitch divisions as they get older.

Skill Focus: Intermediate throwing, batting, baserunning, catching pop-flies, beginner development for players  – introducing situational awareness such as knowing your pitch count, knowing your defensive outs, how to tag up while baserunning, where to throw the ball when on defense depending on outs and runners, etc.  

Expectations: This division will run the full length of the season. Each team is expected to play a minimum 10 games, weather permitting. 

Game Play Rules:

  • Field of Play: Bases 60’
  • Time: No New Inning after 1h 15m – game ends after 1h 30m
  • Pitching: Ball will be pitched to player from a coach
  • Batting: Each batter receives 6 pitches, or 3 strikes. Batter is out on third strike. No walks.
  • Fielding: Teams can field all players on defense, using a traditional infield with extra players in the outfield.
  • Innings: Innings change after 3 outs or 5 runs.
  • Baserunning:  Stealing is NOT allowed.  Lead runner forward progress is stopped when ball is controlled by an infielder.

Uniform and Equipment:
League Provided: Jersey and cap.

**Metal Cleats are not allowed**

Age Qualification: Any player whose eighth (8) birthday falls on or after January 1 of current year is eligible to compete in 8 & under Coach Pitch play. A player must have a minimum league age of six (6) years of age.