Teamwork. Sportsmanship. Development.

Originally founded in 1995 as Garner Area Youth Sports League (GAYSL), offering only softball, being one of the only garner softball leagues in the area. GAYSL later added baseball and affiliated with Little League, rolling in softball and becoming Garner Little League. Then, in 2019, Garner Little League rebranded as Garner Sports League (GSL), adding a competitive branch to their organization by merging with Garner Generals travel baseball. As part of the merger, the newly formed Garner Sports League became a proud member of Tar Heel Leagues, Inc., North Carolina’s premiere recreational league, featuring 7 districts with over a hundred teams and thousands of players. Offering rec and travel baseball in Garner as well as fastpitch rec softball, to hundreds of kids age up to 15 years old.

Garner Sports League provides a positive environment for children to learn good sportsmanship, teamwork, and physical well-being through quality instruction and healthy competition while fostering a love of baseball or softball, right here in Garner, North Carolina.

“In each recreator’s heart is the professional desire to provide the youth of our land with wholesome opportunities for personal satisfaction, pleasures, and joys coupled with the development of recreative skills and appreciation. This desire is not limited merely to the individual or the group; it is founded upon the urge for maximum participation by a maximum number of individuals.

The Tar Heel Leagues, Inc. is dedicated to partially fulfill the recreator’s desires. Its organizational boundaries have been conditioned to satisfy the needs and desires of local communities. It provides the opportunity for maximum participation at the local level for youths from six to fifteen years of age. Mediocrity of skill is no handicap to a local youngster; nor does mediocrity destroy the opportunities for an exceptional participant. Through its local league’s controls near equivalent teams are acquired which provide participation opportunities for all youngsters. This same organization guarantees to the exceptional youth the opportunity for participation in tournament play.

Adult volunteer leadership is a prerequisite to a sound program. Motivation objectives centered around youth benefits are assured. Quality of operation and supervision provide for safety and healthful practices by the participant. Community pride and sense of worthy accomplishment is a product of Tar Heel Leagues, Inc.

To the youngster, the parent, the neighborhood, and the community, Tar Heel Leagues, Inc. is an instrument of service; to the recreator, it is a program designed with professional principal and control. To all parties concerned, it is another step in the accomplishment of the art of living.” – Tar Heels League, Inc.